Marie Reed Elementary School

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Science at Marie Reed is an active exploratory opportunity with Ms. Fisk once a week for students. They will engage with the Next Generation Science Standards (“NGSS”) Crosscutting Concepts and Science Practices at all grades and the NGSS Performance Expectations for grades K – 5.

In addition, we have a Chemistry Club and Technology Club for 4th and 5th graders that meet during lunch on Monday and Friday. One of the most exciting opportunities is our Computer Programming and Robotics activity offered during the After-school Program from 4:30-5:30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Mrs. Megan Fisk teaches PK through 5th grade science at Marie Reed. She brings a wealth of research experience that grounds her teaching and drives her passion for science. After earning her BA from the University of Colorado in Boulder, she did fieldwork in Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine, Chile to study Guanacos, and she worked in the Biochemistry department as a Molecular Biologist. Megan went on to earn her Masters of Arts in Science Education. She has had the unique opportunity to teach science in rural New Hampshire for 4 years at the high school level, and in suburban Colorado at a K-8 school for 4 years, in addition to her experience with DCPS at Eastern High School and Washington Metropolitan High School. Throughout her teaching career, Megan has sought out opportunities to bring research experiences to her students, while developing their abilities to analyze and solve problems. The Next Generation Science Standards will provide a platform on which to continue to engage her students with rich science experiences, while striving to make science literacy a reality for all.