Marie Reed Elementary School

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This page was created to serve as a quick reference for PK3 and PK4 families, who are new to Marie Reed and learning the ropes!

  • What is ECE?  ECE stands for Early Childhood Education, which encompasses PK3 and PK4.  You will hear this acronym a lot!
  • What is the daily schedule of ECE students?  ECE drop-off on the Ontario Road playground (weather-permitting) begins as early as 8:10am.  At 8:45, the students come together in their classrooms for breakfast (served by the school).  After breakfast is a morning circle time, which includes story-telling, singing and other fun activities.  Lunch is served at mid-day followed by a nap.  The morning and afternoon schedules vary based on the particular class, but generally include “make-believe play” and small group work using the Tools of the Mind curriculum, outdoor recess (weather permitting), and enrichments (library, science, music, art, and physical education) prior to dismissal at 3:15pm.
  • Will my child take a nap?  Yes, PK3 and mixed-age PK3/PK4 classes take one 90-minute nap and PK4 classes take one 60-minute nap each day, after lunch, on cots provided by the school.  Children may bring a blanket or lovie if it will make them more comfortable.
  • What supplies does my child need to bring?  ECE students should bring a backpack, water bottle and any necessary comfort item for naptime to school daily.  In addition, they should keep a change of season-appropriate clothes (including socks and underwear) in their cubby, in case of an accident.  Otherwise, all supplies are provided by the school.
  • How will the school and my student’s teacher communicate with me?  In a few different ways:
    • Each teacher will initiate a home visit with the family at the beginning of the year.  This is an opportunity for families and teachers to learn about each other, start to establish a trusting relationship, open the lines of communication, and ease the transition into a new school year.
    • Every Tuesday, the school sends home a green folder of news and information to parents (“Take-Home Tuesday” folders).
    • The school also uses mass emails and robo calls to publicize information.  If you are not getting these, or are getting them in the wrong language, check in with the main office.
    • Four times a year, the teacher hosts Academic Parent Teacher Team (APTT) meetings for parents to get together in the classroom, meet each other, and learn what their students are working on.
    • Via messages that come to your phone on the Remind app.  Download it and then search for your teacher’s name to join their class.
    • Anytime you request a meeting.
  • What about after school?  The afterschool program at Marie Reed starts at 3:30pm and is provided through DCPS.  See info on enrollment and activities here.