Marie Reed Elementary School

We are Panthers! We are Proud! We are Powerful!

Welcome to our non traditional PTO 

At Marie Reed, we are constantly reflecting, refining, and improving so that we can better support students and families.  As principal it is my responsibility to ensure that our systems work to support each child’s success and make every family feel a sense of welcome and belonging. 

Families at our school identify as: 57% Hispanic/Latino, 16% Caucasian, 15% African-American, 7% Asian, 4% Multi-racial/other. In such a diverse community as ours, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that the many different values, perspectives, and contributions of each family are heard and appreciated. 

I’ve worked with parents and teachers to restructure our PTO so that it can be more accessible and inclusive of families and teachers.  Our PTO was founded in 2013 as a small group of parents and staff and since then has expanded to include as many as 30 active parents and provided so much support to our school.  The PTO has sponsored countless community-building events such as Movie Nights, Fall Festival, and International Night, as well as raised tens of thousands of dollars in support of school programming such as field trips, Food Prints, after-school programs, summer camp, and more.  

Currently our PTO seeks to include more families and teachers by providing smaller, more bite-sized opportunities for families to engage in efforts that benefit students and families. 

This year our PTO consists of the following hubs that have a particular focus, including: Coordinators, Fundraise and Finance, Community Building, Student Achievement and Well-being, Teacher and Staff Support.

We invite all families to consider which hub is most interesting to you, where you have a passion or skillset, and join now via our website or with our parent coordinator!  

Also, feel free to reach out to Parent Coordinator, Patricia Capetillo ( or myself with any questions. 


Katie Lundgren