Marie Reed Elementary School

We are Panthers! We are Proud! We are Powerful!

Our Commitment to Equity

Marie Reed Elementary School is aligned with DCPS on our focus on equity.  As a public school, we are committed to providing the very best education and opportunities to every child that comes in our doors.

Equity at Marie Reed means that we are committed to raise the achievement of all students while closing the gaps between our lowest- and highest-achieving students.  We work tirelessly to remove barriers to participation for students and families.  We provide access, inclusion, and opportunity to students of all identities while offering the most support where the greatest disparities have persisted.  This means we choose to place more of our financial and human resources to support historically marginalized students – students of color and those from diverse language backgrounds.

  • We translate all materials into Spanish and English for families.
  • We alternate holding our PTO meetings in English and Spanish.
  • We ensure students in our Behavior and Education Supports (BES) classrooms have access to specials, field trips, and other enrichments just like students in the general education program.
  • We spend more money to ensure students with less financial support at home can participate in enriching experiences like summer camp, ski trips, and other extra-curricular activities.
  • PTO membership is free and automatic and we do not charge fees for students to participate in any extra-curricular activities.