Marie Reed Elementary School

We are Panthers! We are Proud! We are Powerful!

Our non traditional PTO Hubs & Board Members


At Marie Reed, we  believe that when families and educators work in authentic partnerships, the following will happen: Student outcomes improve, teachers are more effective, families are honored and valued, and the community becomes stronger than the individual parts. 

Our non traditional PTO has six hubs, each with a particular focus, and are coordinated by Marie Reed parents and a teachers.   If you find a hub that motivates you, please contact one of the hub’s coordinator to participate and/or volunteer in one, or as many activities as you are able.


  • Welcoming and Inclusive Community

Welcoming all families to our school and fostering a sense of belonging.

SY 20-21 Parent Elected:  Ms. Kessia Cruz


  • Parent Learning

Creating spaces that build parent relationships, and engaging parents in all our demographic groups, to determine learning priorities.

SY 20-21 Parent Elected:  Ms. Sangeeta Prasad


  • Physical Well-being

Understand physical and material needs of Marie Reed families, as well as their preferred manner of receiving support.

SY 20-21 Parent Elected: Ms. Edna Barrera


  • Social and Emotional Well-being

Trust-building with families experiencing trauma, and helping them thrive at Marie Reed.

SY 20-21 Parent Elected: Ms. Josseline Rivas

SY 20-21 School Staff Liaison: Ms. Juana Marquez (School Counselor)


  • Academic Support

Ways to support families whose children are not meeting grade-level standards.

SY 20-21 Parent Elected: Ms. Kassia Antoine

SY 20-21 School Staff Liaison: Ms. Harlan Kinzer (Reading Specialist & Reading Recovery Teacher)


  • Fundraising and Finance

Supporting equity hubs by raising funds and accounting for expenditures.

SY 20-21 Parent Elected:

Ms. Martha Galvez (Treasurer)

Ms. Bridget Hunnicutt (Fundraising)

SY 20-21 School Staff Liaison:  Ms. Patricia Capetillo (Parent Coordinator & Community Outreach)