Marie Reed Elementary School

We are Panthers! We are Proud! We are Powerful!

PTO Board Members School Year 22-23


At Marie Reed, we  believe that when families and educators work in authentic partnerships, the following will happen: Student outcomes improve, teachers are more effective, families are honored and valued, and the community becomes stronger than the individual parts. 

Our non traditional PTO works in hubs, each with a particular focus, and are coordinated by Marie Reed parents and a teachers.   If you find a hub that motivates you, please contact one of the hub’s coordinator at to participate and/or volunteer in one, or as many activities as you are able.


  1. Coordinators: Fosters collaboration and ensures the forward momentum of the PTO’s business.
    Facilitates communication among the Administration, the Board, and MR families.
  • Parent Elected:

Jon Wilkins, Parent in PK 4 ELP

Andrena Wade, Parent in PK3 & 3rd ELP

  • School Staff Liaison:

Paty Capetillo, Parent Coordinator & Community Outreach, Marie Reed ES | DCPS


  1. Fundraise and Finance: Supporting hubs by raising funds and ensures solvency of the PTO and its initiatives
  • Parent Elected:

Catherine Hildum (Treasurer), Parent in 4th ELP

Lorena Shank (Fundraising), Parent in K & 2nd DLP

  • School Staff Liaison:

Allison Holcombe, Director of Strategy and Logistic, Marie Reed ES | DCPS


  1. Community Building: Build sense of school community among all families and staff of the MR community
  • Parent Elected:

Elena Sholomitskaya, Parent in 2nd & 4th ELP

Mikaela Smith, 2nd DLP

  • School Staff Liaison:

Harlan Kinzer, Reading Specialist Teacher, Marie Reed ES | DCPS


  1. Student Achievement and Well-being: Lead PTO initiatives that support student achievement/well-being
  • Parent Elected:

Brad McLennan, Parent in 2nd DLP

Sindy Miranda, Parent in K DLP & 2nd ELP

  • School Staff Liaison:

Juana Marquez, School Counselor, Marie Reed ES | DCPS


  1. Teacher and Staff Support: Lead efforts to support and appreciate staff
  • Parent Elected:

Emily Morris, Parent in K DLP

Rafael Flores, Parent in K DLP

  • School Staff Liaison:

Busra Aydin, 3rd Dual Language Teacher, Marie Reed ES | DCPS